The San Gabriel Valley Literature Festival

The SGV LitFest, a fellow CA 501 (c)3 arts non-profit, is organizing the first annual San Gabriel Valley Literature Festival this coming February in West Covina.

We at the Nuvein Foundation for Literature and the Arts proudly promote and support this event, its aims, and what it will offer the community of West Covina and the San Gabriel Valley.

Details from website:

The San Gabriel Valley Literary Festival (or SGVLF) is an arts and literature festival coming to the West Covina, California February 15, 16, and 17, 2013.

This event will feature Writers from across the globe, musicians, and installations by prominent artists. The event is presented by The City of West Covina, and will take place in the West Covina City Hall and the surrounding environs.

The festival will host four stages with readings, panels, and live performances from poets, fiction writers, graphic novelists, and musicians.

Local writers like Laurel Ann Bogen, Tony Barnstone, Gerry Locklin, Clifton Snider, Donna Hilbert, and Jeri Westerson will be there as well as great writers from around the world.