The Nuvein Foundation awarded grant by California Community Foundation – El Monte Community Building Initiative

Last Winter, the Community Building initiative of El Monte or CBI El Monte, a part of the California Community Foundation or CCF, held a round of mini grant applications to give out to individuals or groups that designed a program or project to imporve the overall wellness, educational resources, and oppportunities for high school age youth in El Monte.

The Nuvein Foundation applied for a mini grant to establish a program that offered guidance and resources for high school age youth considering a degree in the Arts.  To that end, the Nuvein Foundation compiled a team of El Monte Residents and Nuvein Board members to compose a project group to oversee and effectuate the aims of the project. On the project team are:

Tina Flores – Nuvein Executive Board member and member of El Monte Cultural Commission as Community liaison

Renato Aguirre – Nuvein Executive Board member and Internet entrepreneur as Logistics and Supports liaison

Baldomero Perez- Nuvein Advisory Board member and artist as Youth Outreach liaison

Christopher Trevilla – Nuvein Executive Board member, artist, social worker as Project Communications liaison

After careful review and consideration, as part of the submission process, the Nuvein Foundation was awarded a mini grant in the amount of $1500.00 to this end to create and collect resources towards an event titled ‘Young Artist’s Expo’ to take place in late Spring 2012. The Nuvein Foundation Executive Board will function as the oversight and fiduciary agent for the grant monies as well as monitor progress on the project.

Nuvein is currently gathering resources and is approaching individuals interested in being a part of the project. Interested individuals are encouraged to direct their inquiries to Chris Trevilla of the Nuvein Foundation.

Christopher Trevilla
Executive Board
Nuvein Foundation for Literature and the Arts


CBI El Monte