2013-4 Nuvein Board Nomination Season



The Nuvein Foundation for Literature and the Arts is now soliciting and accepting statements of interest from individuals that wish to join the organization in helping promote its mission of spreading the arts, advocating for arts education, providing art showcase events, and providing artistic resources and opportunities to developing, aspiring, and established artists in the SGV and beyond.


The 2013-2014 Nuvein Nomination Season begins November 15th and ends December 15 of 2013.


For those that have already come forward and offered assistance and have expressed interest, many thanks. The Nuvein Board will meet to discuss nominations and review statements from those that have declared interest in the months ahead.


There are many ways to help with the mission of Nuvein such as volunteering at events, performing at events, serving on either our advisory board to develop programs and events, serving on program or event committees, or serving on the executive board that handles budgetary, legal, and all other technical and logistical matters that the organization, promotion, development of evens, scholarships, and other resources require. Of course, one of the best way to support Nuvein is to support and attend our events, encourage fellow artists to showcase and participate at these events, and finally enjoy (hopefully) being a part of our events.

Statements of Interest should simply provide:

  • a quick background on your experience with arts related organizations
  • and/or your current practice/exercising of an artistic discipline
  • as well as include what goal or project would you like to be a part of developing with the Nuvein Foundation.

For additional information on what to include in your statement of interest, please view/download our memo on 


If you are interested in being considered for the Nuvein Executive Board, please contact us as follows:

To: nuvein@gmail.com
Subject: Nuvein Board – Nomination

Body of Message:
Statement of Interest
Contact Information

We look forward to meeting any and all interested future board members!