Success of 3LP

In 2010 the 3LP project began as an idea from then Board Member, Christopher Trevilla. He was asked by Enrique Diaz what he wanted to contribute to Nuvein. Basically, 3LP is offshoot of both Events/Education committees specifically for literacy and literary expression.


As a means to an end he began to:
1) Network and reach out to all the writer groups and their leaders across the SGV (How Nuvein met now board member Kimberly Cobian)
    a) Formed a SGV Literary Arts Council in 2012 (quarterly gathering of groups, now on hold)
2) Reach out to organizations already doing this work (Maps 4 College, L.E.A.R.N., etc.)
3) Reestablish the relationship between us at the LA County Library
    a) This lead to the Nuvein Poetry Group that was formed at El Monte Library which later became ‘Noches Bohemias’ at La Historia Society Museum
    b) This lead to the creation of the Peer Poet Program series.(Norwood and Montebello Libraries)
    c) This lead to the Summer/Fall Poetry Showcase Series at South El Monte Library
4) Ended up organizing the Arcadia Poetry event from 2012 and on (following Enrique’s passing)


While not all the goals were met, it was worthwhile to see what we accomplished:
  • Induction of Kimberly Cobian into Nuvein
  • Young Artist Expo  (CCF grant event)
  • Peer Poet Program Series
  • Support and participation in the SGV Literature Festival (SGV LitFest is its own 501c3 which was helped/guided by us)
  • Support and participation in the SGV Poetry Festival (SGV Poetry Fest is organized by the Pasadena Saturday Afternoon Poetry/Emerging Urban Poet Group)
  • Nuvein sponsorship of PoetryPalooza 2012/2013 (ZZyZx WriterZ) to help the yearly event  become sustainable and allow the ZZyZx WriterZ to publish their first Anthology – A Three Hour Tour. See a video from their reading.