Poetrypalooza 2014

I am in awe​​ about all the events that are happening around the arts in the San Gabriel Valley, especially around my local neighborhood of La Puente.

Most recently, members of the Bridgetown DIY Collective organized an evening of music, art and lots of poetry as a part of Poetrypalooza. For the past four years, the ZzyZx Writers group has been reaching out to local organizations to host such events Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings in August. The collective of short story prose led by fellow Nuvein member Kimberly Cobian aims to bring awareness to this literary form and to the many talented artists groups that gather at coffee shops, pizza parlors and community centers. This year, the tour is consists of over 15 stops.

The “Living Voice” poetry night, the first such event as a part of Poetrypalooza and the second overall at Bridgetown DIY which traditionally hosts local and touring bands, was amazing. It featured Spanish style guitar player David Holguin, published poet Jeffrey Graessley and local artist/illustrator Jean R. Bisscay as well as Armando Ortiz and Michael Church from the ZzyZx Writers. For communities like Valinda and nearby La Puente, having such events provides an opportunity for everyone to explore and enjoy the arts.

It feels great to be a part of a community that engages actively to create such opportunities for all it’s members. I really encourage you to check out the nearest Poetrypalooza event near you and to show case your own talents in this and future events.

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Bryan Coreas

Executive Board Secretary Chair, Education Committee