Possible partnership with Nuvein and the Vela Volunteer of East Los Angeles organization for their upcoming Valinda Farmers Market

We at the Nuvein Foundation for Literature and the Arts are proud to explore a possible partnership with the Vela Volunteer of East Los Angelesorganization for their upcoming Valinda Farmers Market this coming April! If you have not liked the farmer’s market page, well go right ahead amigo/as!

If all goes as planned, our Executive Board member and Arts Program Chair, Timo Curtiss, will be joined by advisory members Lisa Ruiz, curator of the Hacienda La Puente Unified School District student art show, as well as by El Monte resident artist, educator, and director at La Historia Historical Society Museum Dolores Gonzalez Haro to create a community mural art piece entitled ‘El Mercado’ for the Farmers Market employing the talents of local student artists.

Organic forums for creativity, healthy living, and interaction are what build community. We at Nuvein are committed to cultivating just that.

Nuvein, connecting the communities of The San Gabriel Valley TO and THROUGH the Arts!

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