Poetry in Motion 2016

The Nuvein Foundation for Literature & the Arts teamed up with the Arcadia Public Library for an eighth year to celebrate National Poetry Month with the youth poets of the San Gabriel Valley with their event — Poetry in Motion on Friday, April 22nd. The participants ranged from middle school to high school from Arcadia and surrounding school districts.

The event was a culmination of the first ever Poetry in Motion Workshop Series curated and hosted by Nuvein Board Member, Kimberly Cobian, where each week from a February through April, a guest poet taught a different style, gave feedback and gave performance tips to the teens in attendance.

Students performed music, sung a Capella, and recited original poetry for the judge panel that consisted of a UCLA aspiring student library volunteer named Alexis Winstanley, a Nuvein Board Member and writer, Michael Ian Churchman and local published poet, Blazhia Parker.

Awards were given in various creative categories.

Among the outstanding performances was that of one of the workshop students, Anviksha Srivastava, with her original poem, “Fade Away” which received the Social Message award.


The Poetry in Motion 2016 Champion Award was awarded to Leila Hunziker for her dramatic performance of her original poem, “Shattered Possession“.


Musical guests, the Licata Brothers performed musical interludes between the open mic and judging deliberation. Their music consisted of classic rock and roll and feel good rhythms that made the multigenerational crowd of children, parents, and friends to boogie, clap, stomp and sing along!

The Award-winning Poems

Fade Away
by Anviksha Srivastava

The breeze of summer
Coats my shoes
Childhood wrapped
In colored candy
Unfolds and crumbles
Like a sand castle
Washed in waves
The smiles of sun
Warm faces like fire
Glowing everything
Just like gold
But as I turn
To grab my life
The hand of hope
Gone is my home
Gone is my family
There is nothing left
And so I sit
In the remains
Of blood and war
Thinking how none of this
Hatred helps
In the end
Both wins and losses
Are defeated by reality
War is never the solution..
War is never the solution
Says the wet droplet
of my dreams
As they fall down my face
And fade away..


Shattered Possession
by Leila Hunziker

I shouldn’t have set it free
What could I do
My phone is shattered and it’s all because of me

It happened while on top a tree
I tried to get down and left it on the branch, but I didn’t have a clue
I shouldn’t have set it free

I just wanted to get down and go inside to get some iced tea
My leg swung over the branch and saw my phone flew
My phone is shattered and it’s all because of me

Slowly, I saw it hit the ground after I looked at my knee
Looking at it I frantically jumped down from the branch like a monkey in a zoo
I shouldn’ t have set it free

I carefully flipped my phone over to see
At that moment, my sadness and anger grew
My phone is shattered and it’s all because of me

l fell to my knees and screamed to the sky like a banshee
This shouldn’t be something I had to go through
I shouldn’t have set it free
My phone is shattered and it’s all because of me