Open Call: Curator for Galleria de Los Muertos for DDLM El Monte sought

UPDATE: The Nuvein Foundation for Literature and the Arts wants to thank all those candidates that came forward to seek curating our Dia de Los Muertos gallery. We have now filled the curator position for this years Gallery/Galleria. Congratulations Chris Penalber of the La Puente Artwalk organizing committee. The Gallery will be re-branded, revamped, and relaunched. Stay tuned amigos.

The Nuvein Foundation is seeking an individual(s) to curate our annual offering of art, culture, and community  to the City of El Monte, at our yearly Dia de Los Muertos event at the Valley Mall in Downtown El Monte.

The curator(s) sought is for the ‘Galleria de los Muertos’, a one day gallery viewing and reception as part of the Nuvein Dia de Los Muertos celebration on Saturday, October 27th, 2012. The gallery viewing will run from 11am – 6pm.

The curator(s) will be asked to possess the following qualities and to perform  the following duties as pertains to curating this years ‘Galleria de Los Muertos’.

The curator must display:

  • Temperance and Patience- as pertains to working with the Nuvein Foundation, local school district, local artists, and the Downtown El Monte Business Association
  • Diligence and Professionalism- as pertains to communicating expectations with partners, artists, and handling situations as may arise in organizing the ‘Galleria de los Muertos’.
  • Imagination and Passion – as pertains to delivering a showcase of the finest SGV local art that is themed around Dia de Los Muertos, Hispanic and Latino culture, as well as a showcase for the aspiring art from the local school district, as well as making the art accessible to an audience of predominately Mexican-American and Spanish speaking population.

The curator will serve and be limited as follows:

  • The curator(s) will meet with the Nuvein Foundation and the Dowtown El Monte Business association to survey donated property to be used as gallery and communicate with both parties in all stages of event development.
  • The curator(s) will consult with the Nuvein foundation regarding any fees or commission percentages sought or requested of artists displaying.
  • The curator(s) will consult with the Nuvein Foundation regarding any sponsors secured for the gallery.
  • The curator(s) shall not sell/offer alcohol at the gallery without the express permission of the Nuvein Foundation and Downtown El Monte Business Association.
  • The curator(s)  is free to have sponsored product (as approved by Nuvein) for sale at the gallery for his/her sole profit.
  • The curator(s) will work with the Nuvein Foundation and local school district about having student artwork displayed at the event.
  • The curator(s) will use allocated funds for event on a discretionary basis, and prepare a fiscal report to present to the Nuvein Foundation prior to the event.
  • Unless otherwise indicated by Nuvein and the local school district, student artwork will not be for sale.
  • Any promotional material prepared by the curator(s) must bear the Nuvein logo.

Compensation: For services rendered, the curator(s) shall be paid the amount of $300.00, of which $200.00 will be allocated at the outset of curatorship, with the $100.00 balance allocated on October 1st. The curator(s) are free to retain hanging fee, and earnings from sponsor donated product sold (beverages, snacks).

Interested applicants are to send inquiries to Christopher Trevilla of the Nuvein Foundation at