Nuvein elects a new executive board and officers for 2012

As part of its reorganization and transition efforts, the Nuvein Foundation Board underwent a nomination process in the Winter of 2011-12 to select candidates up for election to the Nuvein Executive Board, as well as for Officers within the board.

As a result of subsequent elections in the month of January, the Nuvein Foundation for Literature and the Arts of the San Gabriel Valley is proud to announce the 2012 Executive Board of Directors and Officers:

Christopher Luke Trevilla (elected Nuvein President)
Miguel Sankitts (elected Nuvein Vice-President)
Jeffrey Bickel (elected Nuvein Treasurer)
Anabel Bello (elected Nuvein Secretary)
Renato Aguirre
Kimberly Cobian
Carlos Arranibar
Roberta Lujan
Javier Hernandez
Tina Flores
Ryan Storms

The Nuvein Foundation congratulates its new officers and board members and is committed to work hard to make 2012 a great year for community, culture, and the arts in the San Gabriel Valley.