2013: A Nuvein Retrospective (Part I of II)


2013 was a year of discovery.

The year brought significant transitions and upward mobility for the Nuvein Foundation for Literature and the Arts (Nuvein).  The year brought with it changes, expansion, and challenges that in the end, have served to strengthen Nuvein’s overall presence, impact, and profile among so many exciting developments in the San Gabriel Valley region of Southern California.

The year began with the continued support and accommodation of Nuvein meetings by the generosity of the staff and leadership of Longo Toyota at the Penske College campus.

Penske College (courtesy of www.longolexus.com)

The Penske College campus allows local non-profits and community causes to request meeting space usage and other resources to advance their charitable causes that impact and benefit El Monte and surrounding communities.  For additional information on how to connect with Longo Toyota as pertains to Penske College, see details here.



“Nuvein” (artwork by Jim Lujan)

January 2013 had Nuvein’s 2012-2013 Nomination Season in full swing. (We are currently in our 2013-2014 Nomination Season.) As Nuvein board members and the artistic and cultural leadership community of the San Gabriel Valley sought to connect to one another, statements of interest as well as invitations were made to solidify the organization for what promised to be a year of significance.

2013 Nuvein Board (photo courtesy of Nuvein)

In the end, Nuvein’s board of 7 active members grew to 12 with the addition of 5 new members from the communities of La Puente, Covina, Whittier, and Pico Rivera. New members included artisan vendors sisters, a community organizing couple, and a tech savvy poet. All of which proved to be indispensable to the organization in the months ahead.



SGV LitFest logo (courtesy of sgvlitfest.com)

February 2013 had Nuvein begin its participation in a variety of artistic and cultural events yearlong. Nuvein was invited to participate in the San Gabriel Valley Literature Festival (SGV LitFest). The SGV LitFest was a weekend long event, February 15-17 of 2013,  that showcased literary luminaries from across the globe, the US, and featured many local Southern California writers and poets at the West Covina Civic Center, the West Covina Branch of the Los Angeles County Library, and City Hall.


2013 SGV Litfest Map (courtesy of sgvlitfest.com)

The inaugural literary arts event was organized by local published authors, poets, small press publishers, and literary arts collegiate educators. Nuvein was well represented at the event by its board members and community partners. During the course of the weekend, board members Petra Nieto and Estella Neyer vended their one of a kind artisan crafts, board member Kimberly Cobian and fellow ZZyZx WriterZ offered their Anthology “A Three Hour Tour”, board member Javier Hernandez, artist and comic book creator,  offered the vast catalogue of his Los Comex created works, while board member, Chris Trevilla, offered up his chapbook preview of his upcoming Chicano poetry collection to be entitled “Cantos a la Luna Burlona de sus Lobos Bohemios”. Also invited to participate at the Nuvein Booth was Sal Gomez, online radio host and programming coordinator of the Soul Pilot Radio Experience show on Mid Valley Radio as well as to represent Mid Valley News, a longtime Nuvein partner and sponsor.

Left to Right – Kimberly Cobian, Christopher Trevilla, and Sal Gomez at SGV Litfest. (photo courtesy of Nuvein)

Additionally, Nuvein President, Chris Trevilla, was among a group of Los Angeles writers/poets/organizers invited to showcase the vitality of LA Letters that included Don Kingfisher Campbell poet/educator/organizer of the SGV Poetry Festival and the Emerging Urban Poetry/Saturday Afternoon Poetry group from Pasadena, Mike the Poet Sonksen poet/organizer and contributor at KCET Departures – LA Letters, and Chiwan Choi poet/editor/author at Writ Large Press and organizing partner of the Grand Park Downtown Book Festival. Other literary luminaries featured were Suzanne Lummis, Tony Barnstone, Sunny Frazier, erald Locklin, Charles Harper Webb, Christopher Buckley, Laurel Ann Bogen, LA’s newly named poet laureate Eloise Klein Healy, and many others.

Cornucopia of Poetry/Prose at the SGV LitFest (photo courtesy of Washing Machine Press)

The event garnered high praise for uniting several prominent literary figures at a family friendly event that tallied over a thousand guests from beginning to end.  The event featured literary artists, small press and independent publishers, artisan vendors, food trucks, and musical performances.

Two months In, Nuvein already found itself full steam ahead for the next few hectic and rewarding months.



LP Artwalk logo (designed by Heyzen Contreras)

March 2013 kept Nuvein busy with the return of the successful quarterly arts and culture showcase known as the Un Poquito Mas Arte: Old Town La Puente Artwalk.  This marked the second year of this event in the City of La Puente‘s historic Old Town district. The artwalk began in February of 2012 as a coalition formed by Nuvein of local artists, educators, business owners, civic leadership, partner non-profit organizations, and community members created a space for arts and culture to be showcased and offered up to the La Puente Community.

Photograph of Star Theatre iconic “Star Light Tower”, taken by Sal Gomez.

The March 2013  edition of the La Puente Artwalk featured 10 artistic and creative spaces including an artisan vendors bazaar, scrapbook workshops, poetry and live performance open mic, and 7 galleries featuring the arts in all its forms. Curators and producers of this even included Chris Penalber of Cakeshop Oddities, Heyzen Contreras, Sal Gomez, Kimberly Cobian, Ricardo Ocampo, Lauren Carboney, and others.

Inside the Blood Lust art show at the RiT Gallery (photo courtesy of La Puente Artwalk)

Nuvein maintained a physical presence at the La Puente artwalk by organizing the vendor’s bazaar at the La Puente Arcade lot, and facilitating communication between civic leadership, business, artists, and the local community.

Poet’s Corner with Curator Kimberly Cobian (photo courtesy of Heyzen Contreras)

Overall, the event was a great success, as over 500 guests participated in the initial 2013 edition of the artwalk series from across Southern California and the local comnunity. The La Puente Artwalk, now officially over a year old, had firmly taken root and established itself as a community driven, artist built, and city supported arts showcase.

El Monte-Rosemead Adult School ESL students create family tree project displays. (photo courtesy of Mary Torregrossa)

El Monte-Rosemead Adult School ESL students create family tree project displays. (photo courtesy of Mary Torregrossa)

March also presented Nuvein with the opportunity to showcase local artistry and encourage cultural identification through supporting a small grant proposal towards the purchasing of arts supplies. The proposal was to support a family tree project proposed by El Monte/Rosemead Adult School educator and activist, Mary Torregrossa of Baldwin Park. The small grant was approved. The project moved forward, led by educator Torregrossa, which helped each student create a visual statement of their identity, heritage, and history.  Ultimately, the Adult ESL students of El Monte/Rosemead Adult School were able and successful participants at the District Open House at Wilkerson School that month.

March provided Nuvein the opportunities to educate, encourage, and showcase the arts and creativity in all its forms.




SGV Poetry in Motion (designed by Javier Hernandez)

April brought Nuvein into National Poetry Month 2013. Poetry has always occupied an important part in the history and development of Nuvein. The founder and president emeritus of Nuvein, the recently departed Enrique Diaz, was not only a published author and poet, but also helped incorporate the foundation following the success of Nuvein Magazine, a literary and media publication.  The current president of Nuvein, Chris Trevilla, himself a poet, met Enrique and the members of Nuvein at the Arts and Literature Festival at the Lakes in West Covina in 2009. Thus, rooted in mutual love for the written/spoken word and creative expression, Nuvein was more than capable of diving into National Poetry Month once again in 2013.

CLT spits Poetry at the Lakes (art by Raul Aguirre Jr.)


April 2013 brought about the 5th edition of the San Gabriel Valley Poetry Festival, a month long celebration of poetry and spoken word through a series of special performance showcases, workshops, and public events that featured several of the region’s writing groups, as well bringing together many of the emerging and established poets of the area.  The festival’s events spanned all across the San Gabriel Valley and were all highly successful and a strong testament to the vitality of Poetry.

2013 SGV Poetry Festival logo (courtesy of 2013sgvpf.blogspot.com)


One of the SGV Poetry Festival’s events was the 4th Annual SGV Poetry in Motion, a teen and youth poetry competition and open mic showcase held at the Arcadia Public Library. A joint venture of the Library and Nuvein, the event hosted over 30 participants in the competition and open mic showcase portions.

From left to right: Apryl Skies, Xochitl Julissa-Bermejo, Don Campbell, Angela Moore, RIck Stepp-Bolling, and Gary Imperial (photo courtesy of Nuvein )

The event also served to connect the youth to the several poets and poetry group/small press organizers and publishers that served as judges for the event. Among the judges were poets Apryl Skies of Edgar & Lenore Publishing, Xochitl Julissa-Bermejo host of the HITCHED reading series at Beyond Baroque, Don Kingfisher Campbell of the SGV Poetry Festival, Angela Moore of Moms Write SGV, Rick Stepp-Bolling of the Coffee House Writers, and Gary Imperial of the Whittier Poetry Group.

Youth spectators and participants at SGV Poetry in Motion event. (photo courtesy of Nuvein)

All in all, a very successful event that celebrated the creative writing and spirit of middle school and high school aged youth in Arcadia and surrounding communities. The event enjoyed the attendance of over 50 youth and local community members.

DAC logo (courtesy of downeyarts.org)

As part of National Poetry Month, Nuvein was invited to participate in the inaugural edition of State of the Art. a public arts and arts resource fair, organized by the Downey Arts Coalition (DAC) and hosted by the Downey Moravian Church. The event hosted over 20 different artists and artist organizations from across the area and neighboring communities.

State of the Art event at the Downey Moravian Church (photo courtesy of the DAC)

Among the participants were the Last Minute Arts Collective, SGV Literature Festival, the Downey Museum of Art, Stay Gallery, and others.  Guests and participants were given a directory of arts groups and resources supplied by the DAC. The highly successful event brought to a close an artistically and culturally rich month full of celebrations and events that Nuvein was privileged to participate in. The event in fact, was the brain child of artist/poet/healer Roy Anthony Shabla of the Downey Arts Coalition and curator of the Green Salon, one of many arts programs offered by the DAC.

Nuvein at the State of the Art event organized by the Downey Arts Coalition (photo courtesy of Nuvein)


May 2013 brought greater participation and partnership for Nuvein with other San Gabriel Valley communities. This time with the community of South Pasadena, CA. The South Pasadena Arts Council or SPARC and the South Pasadena Chamber of Commerce both invited Nuvein to coordinate a poetry and spoken word event as part of the Eclectic Music Festival and Art Walk. As a result, Nuvein coordinated an event titled Vision and Voices of the Valley II: The Cultural Landscape of LA Poetry. The event unfolded against the backdrop of the beautiful Fremont Centre Theatre in South Pasadena.

Main entrance to Fremont Centre Theatre (photo courtesy of southpasadena.patch.com)

The event was hosted by the dynamic and talented Mike the Poet Sonksen and featured female  poets representative of the diverse poetic communities across Los Angeles County. Poets featured included Traci  Akemi Kato-Kiriyama, Blazhia Parker, Kimberly Cobian, and Jessica Wilson. Among poets participating in the open mic were Don Campbell, Chris Trevilla. Lee Boek, Karineh Mahdessian, Charles Davis, and others.

Mike the Poet Sonksen hosts the Vision & Voices of the Valley program at the SoPas Eclectic Music Festival & Artwalk SPARC stage (photo courtesy of Nuvein)

The successful showcasing of poetry and spoken word as part of the SPARC Stage lineup of performances at the Fremont Centre Theatre was a welcome addition to a day full of inspiring and memorable moments. The yearly event gathers crowds in the thousands who come to enjoy a one of a kind experience full of art in all its forms, a perfect environment for a dynamic partnership between Nuvein and SPARC to flourish and work together to showcase the literary world of art in a unique experience.

The band ‘Torches’ perform at the Emerging Artist Stage at the Eclectic Music Festival & Artwalk (photo courtesy of South Pasadena Chamber)

Not even halfway through the year, 2013 brought Nuvein from El Monte to West Covina, La Puente, Arcadia, Downey, and South Pasadena. If this part of the year was any indication of what lay ahead, Nuvein was in for an exhilarating remainder of 2013.



To be continued in 2013: A Nuvein Retrospective (Part II)

2013-4 Nuvein Board Nomination Season



The Nuvein Foundation for Literature and the Arts is now soliciting and accepting statements of interest from individuals that wish to join the organization in helping promote its mission of spreading the arts, advocating for arts education, providing art showcase events, and providing artistic resources and opportunities to developing, aspiring, and established artists in the SGV and beyond.


The 2013-2014 Nuvein Nomination Season begins November 15th and ends December 15 of 2013.


For those that have already come forward and offered assistance and have expressed interest, many thanks. The Nuvein Board will meet to discuss nominations and review statements from those that have declared interest in the months ahead.


There are many ways to help with the mission of Nuvein such as volunteering at events, performing at events, serving on either our advisory board to develop programs and events, serving on program or event committees, or serving on the executive board that handles budgetary, legal, and all other technical and logistical matters that the organization, promotion, development of evens, scholarships, and other resources require. Of course, one of the best way to support Nuvein is to support and attend our events, encourage fellow artists to showcase and participate at these events, and finally enjoy (hopefully) being a part of our events.

Statements of Interest should simply provide:

  • a quick background on your experience with arts related organizations
  • and/or your current practice/exercising of an artistic discipline
  • as well as include what goal or project would you like to be a part of developing with the Nuvein Foundation.

For additional information on what to include in your statement of interest, please view/download our memo on 


If you are interested in being considered for the Nuvein Executive Board, please contact us as follows:

To: nuvein@gmail.com
Subject: Nuvein Board – Nomination

Body of Message:
Statement of Interest
Contact Information

We look forward to meeting any and all interested future board members!

The SGV Arts Directory

Nuvein dedicates itself to ‘voices rarely heard in a world increasingly devoid of diversity’. – Enrique Diaz

The San Gabriel Valley communities of Southern California are a shining example of diverse cultures and societies thriving side by side, where an ongoing process of cultural, ideological, and societal exchange is constant at every level from the evolving collegiate haunts of Claremont, Azusa, Pasadena, and Walnut to the changing demographics of assemblies and local governments such as those of Alhambra, Rosemead, El Monte, Baldwin Park, and evident in the flow and changes of businesses at the Valley Mall or Downtown El Monte, Old Town Monrovia, Uptown Whittier, and the many facets of the swapmeets, farmer’s markets, laundromats, and strip malls north and south of Valley Blvd.

But one thing is certain to connect these many communities and cultures, and that is art. Simply put, the need to create something of value to oneself, for another, or for others is a shared experience. This universal impulse has led societies to many great discoveries and has brought about change.

Nuvein’s founder, Enrique, believed in the unity of individuals that expressed itself in a variety of ways, so much so that Nuvein began its work as an online magazine publishing works of fiction, commentary, poetry, graphic and media art, as well as reviews that brought together individuals all over the globe in each volume of publication.  Following a successful nearly decade long run, the drive to affect change locally in the San Gabriel Valley emerged, which then gave rise to the Nuvein Foundation incorporating in El Monte.

So, can you help us bring all artistic groups, organizations, and resources together in an Online Directory?

We hope we can count on your help to make this happen.

This Directory will be for aspiring and emerging artists to get a hold of any chances for further education/training, securing encouragement and assistance, and finding opportunities to showcase their work.

If you are from any of the following SGV regions, please contact us via email at info@nuvein.orgto inform us about your group/organization/resource and provide us any contact information and printable/shared media (eg. logo) that you wish included.

Region A:    Altadena, Pasadena, Sierra Madre, La Canada-Flintridge, San Marino

Region B:    South Pasadena, Alhambra, San Gabriel, Monterrey Park, Montebello

Region C:   Arcadia, Monrovia, Temple City, Rosemead, Irwindale

Region D:   El Monte, South El Monte, La Puente, Valinda, Baldw in Park

Region E:   Whittier (North, Uptown), Avocado Heights, Hacienda Heights, Rowland Heights, La Habra Heights

Region F:   West Covina, Covina, Azusa, Walnut, City of Industry

Region G:   San Dimas, Claremont, Pomona, La Verne, Glendora, Diamond Bar




Hacienda Heights Pizzeria hosting Nuvein Fundraiser

On Tuesday, July 17th, 2012 at the Hacienda Heights Pizza Company, a pizzeria with over 5 years in operation that is no stranger to fundraisers for all manners of charitable causes, and a local favorite for Hacienda-La Puente Unified School teams, clubs and organizations, a Nuvein Foundation fundraiser will take place to secure funds for events, outreach, and scholarships.

Among events and projects aimed to benefit from this fundraiser are: the Nuvein Visionary Scholarship, UPMA! La Puente Artwalk, Nuvein Dia de Los Muertos in El Monte, Comic Book Expo 2013 in Baldwin Park, and many others.

The Nuvein Foundation is asking local patrons, community members, and friends and fans of Nuvein to show up on 7/17/2012 from 10am to 10pm and order some delicious food and drinks at the Pizza Co and tell the business that they “are here to support the Nuvein Foundation” at the time of purchase. Thanks to the generosity and support of the Pizza Co., Nuvein will collect 20 percent of all purchases made that day, as long as patrons mention the Nuvein Foundation. In addition, the Pizza Co. plans to match total amount to help fundraiser total monies go further in helping Nuvein in its mission to ENCOURAGE EDUCATE and SHOWCASE.

So please come out, place your order, and remember to say “I am here to support the Nuvein Foundation“.

The Nuvein Pizza Fundraiser
at the Hacienda Heights Pizza Company
Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

Hacienda Heights Pizza Co.
15239 Gale Ave
City of Industry, CA 91745
(626) 855-2590

For more event details, please see the Nuvein Facebook event page.

UPMA! La Puente Art Walk on May 26th

The Nuvein Foundation, in partnership with the Twin Palms Recovery Center, East Valley Boys and Girls Club, parent volunteers from La Puente High School, members of both the Concerned Citizens Coalition of La Puente and the Old Town Business Association, La Puente LA County Public Library, La Puente Senior Center, local Old Town Businesses, and with endorsement and support of the La Puente City Council have prepared a great community arts event set to take place Saturday, May 26th, from 1-10pm in Old Town La Puente.

The Nuvein Foundation will be hosting a booth space to offer guests maps of the event, information about the foundation’s work and projects, and will have a donation box accepting any and all gifts to help it continue its charitable work of connecting cultures, communities, local organizations, artists, and business to improve SGV society one community at a time.

The Nuvein Foundation invites all to  join us in the second edition of a quarterly celebration of local Community and Art in Old Town La Puente (along Main St and 1st St).

The following is a itinerary and description of this event:

SIX GALLERIES OF ART!!! 3pm – 10pm

Arte Cabalturo (w/live music)  3pm-10pm     (event information here)

Cafe Coco Na Dre  3pm-10pm      (venue information here)

Ecclectic Art gallery (w/live music)  5pm-8pm
(at upstairs Hall behind Francisco’s Halloween Shop)

One Hour Tazes (w/ live music) 5pm-10pm

La Puente Senior Center               5pm-8pm (venue information here)

Trunk Trends Fashions                  3pm-10pm (venue information here)



J&A Formal Wear                           3pm-10pm (venue information here)

El  Manantial                                     3pm-10pm

Main Line CG                                     3pm-10pm (venue information here)



Sidewalk chalk program for kids and families at the La Puente branch of the LA County Library organized by the East Valley Boys and Girls Club and volunteers from La Puente High School.

For more information on the library, including contact information, go here.



3pm-6pm BBQ

3pm-10pm vendors

Featuring vendors of various arts and crafts, as well as a FREE community bbq for artwalk attendees and La Puente residents at the Twin Palms Recovery Center. Venue information here.



4pm-3:30pm live dance/music
6:30pm-8pm live dance/music

3pm-10pm vendors

Featuring vendors of various items and crafts, and an outdoor stage to have Belly dance, Zumba Demonstration, Live Bands, and more! At Trunk Trends Fashions lot.

For more information on performers and entertainment please go here.



Featuring and hosted by David Romero at Vinyl Saurs Records.
Event information here,  venue information here, and host information here.



Walk ins welcomed at the ScrapBook Cafe. Venue information here.


Nuvein elects a new executive board and officers for 2012

As part of its reorganization and transition efforts, the Nuvein Foundation Board underwent a nomination process in the Winter of 2011-12 to select candidates up for election to the Nuvein Executive Board, as well as for Officers within the board.

As a result of subsequent elections in the month of January, the Nuvein Foundation for Literature and the Arts of the San Gabriel Valley is proud to announce the 2012 Executive Board of Directors and Officers:

Christopher Luke Trevilla (elected Nuvein President)
Miguel Sankitts (elected Nuvein Vice-President)
Jeffrey Bickel (elected Nuvein Treasurer)
Anabel Bello (elected Nuvein Secretary)
Renato Aguirre
Kimberly Cobian
Carlos Arranibar
Roberta Lujan
Javier Hernandez
Tina Flores
Ryan Storms

The Nuvein Foundation congratulates its new officers and board members and is committed to work hard to make 2012 a great year for community, culture, and the arts in the San Gabriel Valley.

The Nuvein Foundation awarded grant by California Community Foundation – El Monte Community Building Initiative

Last Winter, the Community Building initiative of El Monte or CBI El Monte, a part of the California Community Foundation or CCF, held a round of mini grant applications to give out to individuals or groups that designed a program or project to imporve the overall wellness, educational resources, and oppportunities for high school age youth in El Monte.

The Nuvein Foundation applied for a mini grant to establish a program that offered guidance and resources for high school age youth considering a degree in the Arts.  To that end, the Nuvein Foundation compiled a team of El Monte Residents and Nuvein Board members to compose a project group to oversee and effectuate the aims of the project. On the project team are:

Tina Flores – Nuvein Executive Board member and member of El Monte Cultural Commission as Community liaison

Renato Aguirre – Nuvein Executive Board member and Internet entrepreneur as Logistics and Supports liaison

Baldomero Perez- Nuvein Advisory Board member and artist as Youth Outreach liaison

Christopher Trevilla – Nuvein Executive Board member, artist, social worker as Project Communications liaison

After careful review and consideration, as part of the submission process, the Nuvein Foundation was awarded a mini grant in the amount of $1500.00 to this end to create and collect resources towards an event titled ‘Young Artist’s Expo’ to take place in late Spring 2012. The Nuvein Foundation Executive Board will function as the oversight and fiduciary agent for the grant monies as well as monitor progress on the project.

Nuvein is currently gathering resources and is approaching individuals interested in being a part of the project. Interested individuals are encouraged to direct their inquiries to Chris Trevilla of the Nuvein Foundation.

Christopher Trevilla
Executive Board
Nuvein Foundation for Literature and the Arts


CBI El Monte