2016 Nuvein Visionary Scholarship Reception

Earlier this summer, we had the pleasure of awarding our annual Nuvein Visionary Scholarship Award. See all the excitement below! Once again, a heartfelt congratulations to Jimmy Licata and David Godinez who each received a $500 scholarship towards their educational success in the arts.

Poetry in Motion 2016

The Nuvein Foundation for Literature & the Arts teamed up with the Arcadia Public Library for an eighth year to celebrate National Poetry Month with the youth poets of the San Gabriel Valley with their event — Poetry in Motion on Friday, April 22nd. The participants ranged from middle school to high school from Arcadia and surrounding school districts.

The event was a culmination of the first ever Poetry in Motion Workshop Series curated and hosted by Nuvein Board Member, Kimberly Cobian, where each week from a February through April, a guest poet taught a different style, gave feedback and gave performance tips to the teens in attendance.

Students performed music, sung a Capella, and recited original poetry for the judge panel that consisted of a UCLA aspiring student library volunteer named Alexis Winstanley, a Nuvein Board Member and writer, Michael Ian Churchman and local published poet, Blazhia Parker.

Awards were given in various creative categories.

Among the outstanding performances was that of one of the workshop students, Anviksha Srivastava, with her original poem, “Fade Away” which received the Social Message award.


The Poetry in Motion 2016 Champion Award was awarded to Leila Hunziker for her dramatic performance of her original poem, “Shattered Possession“.


Musical guests, the Licata Brothers performed musical interludes between the open mic and judging deliberation. Their music consisted of classic rock and roll and feel good rhythms that made the multigenerational crowd of children, parents, and friends to boogie, clap, stomp and sing along!

The Award-winning Poems

Fade Away
by Anviksha Srivastava

The breeze of summer
Coats my shoes
Childhood wrapped
In colored candy
Unfolds and crumbles
Like a sand castle
Washed in waves
The smiles of sun
Warm faces like fire
Glowing everything
Just like gold
But as I turn
To grab my life
The hand of hope
Gone is my home
Gone is my family
There is nothing left
And so I sit
In the remains
Of blood and war
Thinking how none of this
Hatred helps
In the end
Both wins and losses
Are defeated by reality
War is never the solution..
War is never the solution
Says the wet droplet
of my dreams
As they fall down my face
And fade away..


Shattered Possession
by Leila Hunziker

I shouldn’t have set it free
What could I do
My phone is shattered and it’s all because of me

It happened while on top a tree
I tried to get down and left it on the branch, but I didn’t have a clue
I shouldn’t have set it free

I just wanted to get down and go inside to get some iced tea
My leg swung over the branch and saw my phone flew
My phone is shattered and it’s all because of me

Slowly, I saw it hit the ground after I looked at my knee
Looking at it I frantically jumped down from the branch like a monkey in a zoo
I shouldn’ t have set it free

I carefully flipped my phone over to see
At that moment, my sadness and anger grew
My phone is shattered and it’s all because of me

l fell to my knees and screamed to the sky like a banshee
This shouldn’t be something I had to go through
I shouldn’t have set it free
My phone is shattered and it’s all because of me

2015 6th Annual Dia de Los Muertos/Day of the Dead Family Festival

On October 17, 2015, Downtown El Monte Business Association, (DEMBA) will once again host our beloved cultural event, the 6th Annual Dia de Los Muertos/Day of the Dead Family Festival. Families from around the area are welcomed to this wonderful annual event.


DATE: Saturday, October 17, 2015
TIME: 1:00p.m. — 7:00p.m.
2014 Attendance: 4000 people

We also would like to invite vendors to participate in the event. You will have the opportunity to host a booth at the event to sell goods (non-food items) and/or services.

Please contact us via email at for more information at ign@yahoo.com
DEADLINE for Vendor registration is Friday Sept. 25, 2015 at 5:00 PM

Poetry in Motion 2015: 6th-12th Grade Poets

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 8.30.48 AM


Exclusively for Grades 6th – 12th
Friday, April 17, 2015 at 3:30 p.m.

Perform a scene, recite your own poem, sing a song, or play one!
Compete against other performers for great prizes!
Copies of poetry, lyrics, or scripts must be submitted by Friday, April 3, 2015.

Print and fill out 1Poetry in Motion_Entry Form 2015 and 2) Poetry in Motion_Release Form

 Lyrics and poetry must be family friendly.

 Group performances are limited to four people.

 Performers must arrive 20 minutes before the event begins.

 All are welcome to drop in and be part of the audience.

Registration begins Monday March 2, 2015 and is required to perform during the Open Mic or
Competitive Session. Youth wishing to participate may register at the Library’s Children’s Room

Information Desk or email Petra Morris at pmorris@ci.arcadia.ca.us.
Arcadia Public Library ~ 20 West Duarte Road ~ 626-821-5566 ~ http://library.ci.arcadia.ca.us
Monday – Thursday: 10 a.m. – 9 p.m. ~ Friday & Saturday: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. ~ Sunday: Closed

PDF of flyer: Poetry in Motion_progam flyer 2015.



2014: A Retrospective


2014 was a year of INSIGHT.

Nuvein began 2014 as it began 2013, as an organization full of promise undergoing continuous change and growth. Throughout the course of 2014, Nuvein took great steps towards solidifying its organizational structure, streamlining its signature events, managing and coordinating partnerships, reforming internal processes, and ultimately concluding another year full of great outreach, programs, goals, and partnerships.

WINTER 2013-2014 (December-February)


Nuvein had a remarkable year of discovery in 2013, one in which the organization grew, and the communities served increased, continuing a legacy of nearly a decade of continuous arts programming and outreach.

Rounding out a positive year in 2013, Nuvein was invited in December to share its mission and programming to student participants of the KCET Departures – Youth Voices project   at Mt. View High School in El Monte.

Nuvein provided the eager students information on how they could promote arts and culture in their community, ways in which Nuvein could support their projects, as well as provided the students information on its annual arts scholarship.

Finally, Nuvein bid farewell to 2013 by having its annual Board Holiday Luncheon, which was hosted at the Pondahan Restaurant in West Covina. There the board reminisced on the challenges and success of the year and celebrated each other with a traditional white elephant gift exchange.

January 2014 began with the culmination of the annual Nomination Season and the Election of a new Nuvein Board. The electoral process saw the addition of Sean Telles of San Gabriel as Director of Media and Communications, Timo Curtiss of Whittier as Director of Arts Programs, and Bryan Coreas of Valinda as Executive Board Secretary. New and returning board directors and officers were installed in February 2014.


El Monte Artists/Creatives (clockwise from upper left): Elwing Gonzalez, Dolores Gonzales Haro, Roberto Cordero, and Baldomero Perez.


February also had Nuvein participate in the South El Monte Arts Posse (SEMAP) project East of East: Mapping Community Narratives, a public archive project centered on El Monte and South El Monte history funded by the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs.

As an invited participant of this project, Nuvein members Chris Trevilla and Kimberly Cobian set about seeking interviews with public art creatives as well as artists in El Monte and South El Monte.  Nuvein was unable to secure interviews with muralists and other public art creatives, but did compile a list of the public art in the community.

However, Nuvein was able to conduct oral histories with artists and creatives with roots in the El Monte area. Among those interviewed were muralist and educator Elwing Gonzalez, graffiti artist and musician Baldomero Perez, muralist and educator Dolores Gonzales Haro, and self-identified  ‘low brow’ artist Robert Cordero.

As participants in the project, Nuvein financed securing of audio recording equipment and interview spaces.

Nuvein also explored the possibility of securing a Creative Community grant with the California Arts Council, but elected to focus its efforts on reorganizing itself and committed to having a retreat to discuss the organization, its mission, and programs.

SPRING 2014 (March-June)


El Monte-Rosemead Adult School Book store and Book Fair, one of many activities taking place at the active campus during EMSEM Principal for a Day 2014.


At the outset of March, the El Monte Union High School District partnered with the El Monte/South El Monte Chamber of Commerce to have chamber members function as Principal for a Day. Nuvein members Chris Trevilla, Miguel Sankitts, and Bryan Coreas attended and visited with South El Monte High School and the El Monte-Rosemead Adult School. The program was a success and all left in high spirits and with greater awareness of the supports and programs offered at each campus.

Nuvein PartnerThe March edition of the La Puente Artwalk saw Nuvein receive a community arts program grant from the office of then 1st District Supervisor Gloria Molina, who visited the event and town. It was a pleasant surprise and honor to have the Supervisor visit the city and the event.

Supervisor Molina was guided along the various galleries and art spaces by board members Chris Trevilla and Bryan Coreas.

The event was a huge success, and helped the event garner regional attention due to its 3rd year of programming and the high profile visit by then Supervisor Molina.

As always, Nuvein organized arts programming out of the renovated La Puente Library.


2014pimApril once more brought about Nuvein’s programming for National Poetry Month in conjunction with the 2014 San Gabriel Valley Poetry Festival.

Once more Nuvein partnered with the Arcadia Library to host the Poetry in Motion Competition and Showcase event.Hosted by board member Kimberly Cobian, the event counted on the support and participation of the ZZyZx WriterZ, as well as other local SGV poets, who served as mentors and hosts to showcase the poetry of local high school youth.

Nuvein also facilitated a poetry workshop out of the Montebello branch of the LA County Library. Board member Chris Trevilla led a workshop on illusory language in poetic compositions with a group of local high school students.

Spring came to a close with the return of the SGV Comic Book Expo at the Baldwin Park Arts and Recreation Center (BP ARC) in June. The event hosted over 50 artists and artisans of various mediums and styles inspired by comic book culture.

As part of the event, the BP ARC hosted its annual Comic Art Exhibition, which showcased comic book inspired artworks in its gallery from June to August.

The event offered workshops, arts and crafts activities, panels, and food trucks to the more than a thousand attendees throughout the event. All in all, the event was a great ending to a spring full of great events and beginning to a summer filled with even more.


SUMMER 2014 (July-September)


Nuvein board members (l to r): Roberta Lujan, Miguel Sankitts, Kimberly Cobian, and Bryan Coreas at Casa la Reina for Nuvein 2014 retreat. Photo by Jeffrey Bickel.

Summer began with Nuvein making good on its promise to look at its mission, values, programs, projects, and membership.  Nuvein was hosted by Roy Anthony Shabla of the Downey Arts Coalition at Casa de la Reina for its annual Nuvein Retreat in July. At the retreat, Nuvein reviewed its history, reflected on the original intent of its founder, Enrique Diaz, as well as went over past and future projects. Board member, Jeffrey Bickel, oversaw the retreat. The respite was a welcomed one, as members took the time to have a casual conversation about their respective goals within the board at Nuvein.


Poetrypalooza 2014 stop in La Puente at Bridgetown Diy. Photo courtesy of Bryan Coreas.

August saw the return of the highly successful PoetryPaloooza tour of art, music, and poetry throughout Los Angeles County.

Organized by the ZZyZx WriterZ, the tour managed to have several stops across the San Gabriel Valley, including a stop in El Monte. The Poetrypalooza – El Monte stop highlighted a collaboration between the WriterZ and the Art Movement group, who co-organized performances, workshops, and art programming.

Additionally, Poetrypalooza also made a stop at La Puente, as the ZZyZx WriterZ partnered with Bridgetown Diy, a La Puente arts collective, to offer a night of music, poetry, performance, and art in a safe and shared space. Among those organizing and present was Nuvein board member Bryan Coreas.




La Puente Artwalk ‘Harmonia/Harmony’ program at the La Puente Library.

In September, the La Puente Artwalk returned for a final time in 2014, where Nuvein, continuing its commitment to offer children and youth arts programming for the event, organized the La Puente Library event.

The program, entitled “Harmony/Harmonia”, featured outdoors chalk art, coloring activities, and a musical instrument lesson.

Through a small arts program grant from then District Supervisor Gloria Molina, Nuvein was able to provided a free musical lesson with instruments and music sheets gifted to local La Puente children and youth. Each participating child received a free recorder with sheet music as well as basic instruction.

The lesson was led by volunteers from both the La Puente Artwalk and Bridgetown Diy that helped the children learn the first few bars of music for  ‘Mary had a Little Lamb’ and ‘Cuckoo’.


FALL 2014 (October-December)


Catrina beauty pageant by Paradise Bridal Boutique closes out Dia De Los Muertos – El Monte.

Nuvein brought in the Fall of 2014 with its annual premier event, the Dia de Los Muertos event, which for its 5th year, took place at the historic El Monte Valley Mall.

The event gathered around 3,500 attendees throughout the day, and was organized by Nuvein and sponsored once more by the Downtown El Monte Business Association.

Dia de Los Muertos – El Monte was covered extensively by Mid Valley Radio, Mid Valley News, and Channel 3 El Monte Television.  The event was hosted by Mike Gomez, en El Monte based arts activist and renowned actor, as well as Vivian Macias, co-hostess of El Monte Channel 3’s program ‘El Monte Tonight’.

Among the performances were Mariachi Los Pasajeros, Danza Azteca Cuauhtemoc Baldwin Park, Ballet Folklorico Tllaliyolo Corazon de la Tierra, and others.



‘Galeria Alegrarse’ curator Chris ‘Cakeshop’ Penalber looks on as arts aficianados take in the myriad of art pieces inspired by Dia De los Muertos.


Also on site during the event was KCET Departures, who took the opportunity to engage the community and discuss the need for further arts and culture events such as Dia de Los Muertos.

The event featured over 60 artisan vendors, 100 displayed works of art at an exhibit entitled ‘Galeria Alegrarse’ which was curated by Chris ‘Cakeshop’ Penalber and Melissa Lyndell of the La Puente Artwalk.

Additionally, the event featured a Catrina beauty pageant organized by Paradise Bridal Boutique that featured several takes on the iconic Catrina.

Volunteers from the El Monte M.e.Ch.A. and from surrounding communities in the San Gabriel Valley contributed to the success of the event, which coincided with the annual Children’s parade and Harvest festival.


November brought Nuvein back into its annual Nomination Season, and new potential board members and candidates to the Executive and Advisory board where reached out to for their interest in serving to advance Nuvein’s charitable mission.


In December, Nuvein was able to award the Nuvein Visionary Scholarship to Sirenia Cortez, a participant of the Miss Friendly El Monte/South El Monte pageant, who demonstrated a passion for arts and social activism.  The pageant took place inside the auditorium of El Monte High School, and had several entries competing for the title of Miss Friendly EMSEM, as well as other positions within the pageantry court.

empageant2Board member Bryan Coreas represented Nuvein at the pageant and presented the prestigius award to Sirenia Cortez.

The end of the year brought forward the promise of a new year and new board. With the changes within the organization, and the increased leadership within, Nuvein President Chris Trevilla signaled his stepping down to go on as Media and Communications Director and encouraged others within to seek the presidency.

2014 was a year of incredible insight for the organization, and the introspection and wisdom gathered looks to already be serving Nuvein well as it develops its programs into 2015.



Ryan Storms


Ryan Storms is a graphic design artist,  fashion entrepreneur, business owner, and event promoter from Los Angeles with deep roots in El Monte, South El Monte, and La Puente.

Ryan came into contact with the Nuvein Foundation through Enrique Diaz, who was then promoting arts and culture in the San Gabriel Valley as well as digital media and design studies at the recently launched Digital Business and Design College (DBD) in El Monte. Ryan was attending South El Monte Chamber mixers at the time and later enrolled at DBD, where he was taught web, media, and graphic design.

Ryan was the first recipient of the Nuvein Visionary Scholarship, which allowed him to continue his media and design studies at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.


As Ryan furthered  his studies at DBD and then the ACCD, he became involved in the Nuvein Foundation, and has since been a constant help to the organization reaching out to local students and the business community in the San Gabriel Valley.

Never one to back down from anything, Ryan began his own marketing and clothing line, SLC Collection, which he established in El Monte. Combining his skills acquired in media and web design, unique fashion sense, and an aggressive social media strategy, SLC Collection quickly became a major distributor of urban/alternative fashion.

In addition to enterprise, Ryan has made ample connections across the music/television industry as both an artist/fashionista business owner and event promoter with Klub Events. Ryan has helped organized and promote events in Los Angeles, across California, and Las Vegas.

Ryan’s primary motivation to volunteer with Nuvein is to empower students and youth to dream big and work hard to reach their own goals on their own terms – no holding back.

Learn more about the Nuvein team.

Lucia Flores


Lucia Flores, 30, is a proud resident of the San Gabriel Valley, having grown up in the cities of El Monte and Baldwin Park. The daughter of parents who emigrated to the United States from Jalisco, Mexico, Lucia has fully embraced the diverse culture of her community.

Graduating on the Dean’s List with honors, Lucia received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Radio/TV/Film from California State University, Fullerton. She is currently a Radio Host/Producer for “Rockin’ Rolas” and “Funk & Freestyle” on Mid Valley Radio. Lucia is a Field Reporter for Mid Valley News, covering local events in the San Gabriel Valley and beyond. She has also worked for over ten years as an Adult Education Assistant at the El Monte-Rosemead Adult School. In her spare time she enjoys video and audio editing, listening to BIGBANG, and blogging.

Lucia believes that it is very important for art and culture to have a presence in the community. Creative outlets for artistic expression help motivate individuals to achieve their goals and aspirations. The Nuvein Foundation for Literature and the Arts represents one of many burgeoning organizations that help facilitate this ideal.

As a member of Nuvein, Lucia hopes to help spread the word about the importance of art and culture in the San Gabriel Valley and inform the public about community events in which they have an opportunity to participate in.

Learn more about the Nuvein team

Maria Estela Diaz

IMG_20150302_185237 (1)

Maria Estela Diaz is a woman who believes in the power of education to empower, the ability of the arts to connect, and the responsibility to build community. In her 50s, Maria’s background has had her experience both Visual and Literary Art as student and as part of an educational team being inspired and inspiring others.
Maria was born in Jalisco, Mexico and was raised and schooled in California. Growing up in Baldwin Park, a predominantly Hispanic community in the East San Gabriel Valley, Maria grew to identify and appreciate the community where she still resides to this day with her family.
From an early age, Maria was always fascinated by literature, drawing and writing. Herself a creative and expressive youth, she received awards for her art work during junior high school. However, it was literature that had a lasting effect on her, as she chose to develop her writing skills instead. In High School, this passion for writing translated to Maria writing for the Baldwin Park High School newspaper. Not one to limit her exposure and attachment to the arts and organizing, Maria was also one of the principal students involved in creating and instituting a drama program which to this day remains active at Baldwin Park High School.
After graduating from Baldwin Park High School, Maria attended Mt. San Antonio College where she received an AA in Liberal Arts and transferred to Cal State University Los Angeles to pursue a bachelors in Psychology. Unfortunately, family obligations and unforeseen circumstances had her interrupt her studies, and she was unable to obtain her BA.
Nevertheless, while her studies may have been put on hold, her desire to improve her community never wavered. Since the age of 18, Maria has been a volunteer and employee of the Baldwin Park Unified School District (BPUSD) in various capacities and positions, While at BPUSD, Maria was able to observe the benefits of a well rounded curriculum which included arts and literature as well as how a curriculum suffered when visual, performing, and literary arts were not integrated into studies.
Maria also committed herself to improving her community through service at her local church. As a volunteer at her church, Maria was able to implement music, drawing and poetry in her catechism classes to help children learn abstract ideas such as faith and spirituality.
Through her instruction and assistance at her local church and schools, Maria was able to connect with her students by word and example, as she provided them invaluable lessons about team work and leadership participating in band, choir and color guard at the local schools.
Maria feels exposure to art, music and literature provides a depth and richness that creates a fertile environment for creativity and original ideas. Art is an important part of humanity, and any cause that furthers creativity and expression is one of the main reasons for Maria joining the Nuvein Foundation for Literature and the Arts.
As part of Nuvein, Maria sees opportunity to reach out to the community and provide services that promote and support the arts and literature. It is her hope that in doing so, Nuvein will be contributing to the cultural development of the San Gabriel Valley and beyond by increasing the number of students who can continue to pursue their careers in the arts becoming men and women whose creativity and vision will influence generations of budding artists, authors, dancers, and musicians.


Learn more about the Nuvein team

Timo Curtiss


Timo Curtiss, is a multi-disciplinary artist from Pico Rivera, CA. He is a well known visual artist and talent multi-instrumentalist that goes by the name ‘Arte y Cultura‘. His visual art varies in medium and technique with subjects usually drawn from images, symbolism, iconic figures, and spirituality in the Mexica/Chicano tradition. Timo acknowledges that his passion for creativity has in a large way changed his life for the better as he has reportedly ‘been on both sides of the track’. This experience has given him the empathy, respect, and discipline to draw out the various elements of his creativity in both paint and music.

Timo’s art and music has been featured in events across Los Angeles at events such as the La Puente Artwalk, Dia de Los Muertos – El Monte, Boyle Heights Art Walk, Uptown Whittier Dia de Los Muertos, Pomona Art Walk, and others. Timo has also produced and curated events such as a series of Chicano art exhibitions at the La Puente Artwalk from 2013-2014. Timo has played in various musical groups across the years, recently being the founder of the ‘La Recalentada’ band, and now a percussionist of ‘The Automatic Knives‘.

His visual art influences are deeply rooted in the symbolism, mysticism, and traditions of the Mexica and indigenous peoples of the Americas as well as contemporary influences from the Muralism styles of the Chicano Movement, the Pachucho movement of the 1940s and its current revival in the Eastside of Los Angeles. However, preeminent among his influences is the art and expression of the great Mexican artist, activist, engraver, and print maker Jose Guadalupe Posada, whose ‘Calavera Arte’ forms a direct link to Timo’s creativity and style.

His musical influences are diverse and yet still reflect the tribal, indigenous, and activist sources that he draws on for his visual art. Among chief sources of inspiration are Carlos Santana, Poncho Sanchez, Tito Puente, Los Lobos, and oldies and soul in the tradition of Art Laboe’s Oldies but Goodies music collection.

Timo often volunteers his talents at local Pico Rivera and Whittier area schools as an art mentor in mural and other art projects. He has led several art workshops in the local community across the years.

Timo joined the Nuvein Foundation in 2014 under the guidance and encouragement of Javier Hernandez and Chris Trevilla. He proudly serves Nuvein as the Director of Arts Programs, where he is interested in creating murals with students across the San Gabriel Valley, continuing to offer art workshops to children and adults, and support the work of fellow artists and musicians from all over Los Angeles, California, and beyond.


Learn more about the Nuvein team.

Enrique de Jesus Diaz

It is still hard to accept that he is so suddenly gone. Yet, I like to think that each time I look up towards the San Gabriel Mountains, there he is and will be, watching over us, enjoying the legacy of his great work to promote the arts spreading across the Valley through Nuvein in its events, projects, and board members.

– Javier Hernandez, Nuvein Advisory Board Member, April 2, 2011
(Man vs. Art podcast with Raul Aguirre Jr., The Vital Importance of Arts Advocates…)


Enrique de Jesus Diaz, the late founder and President Emeritus of the Nuvein Foundation for Literature and the Arts was a soul too great to be understood in a single sentence. This is simply because his life was a multi-layered story that continues to tell itself.
Enrique was many different things to many different people. For some, he was a passionate poet, for others, a steadfast friend. He was a dedicated mentor, devoted lover, accomplished dancer, loving husband, an ambitious entrepreneur, a family man, trusted business partner, a naturalized immigrant, a dutiful Navy seaman, an empowering publisher, approachable media personality, an ardent LGBTQ and minority advocate, an ingenious web designer, avid reader and writer, goodwill ambassador, charismatic philanthropist, a storyteller with a striking memory for detail, and a tenacious arts advocate.
Yet, to one and all, he was an open hand, mind, heart, ear, and soul. Enrique‘s life inspired the vision of limitless possibilities for which his organization, Nuvein, would become known.
Born in Tecomatlan, Jalisco, Mexico, Enrique immigrated here as a child with his parents and his four siblings. They lived in various parts of eastern Los Angeles, including City Terrace. A graduate of Roosevelt High School, Class of 1977, Enrique joined the Folklorico dance troupe while at the high school and, after graduating, performed with a professional dance troupe throughout the region. He also taught and choreographed Folklorico dances for youth in the Los Angeles Unified School District. In 1979, Enrique enlisted in the United States Navy, proudly serving on the USS New Jersey (BB-62), where he collaborated with like-minded servicemen to share written stories and essays. This group was the beginning of Nuvein Magazine, which in turn spawned the Nuvein Foundation for Literature and the Arts.
Nuvein Magazine began production in 1982, using a photocopy format and was distributed by hand and through the mail. After an honorable discharge from the US Navy, Enrique returned home to enroll at Cal Poly Pomona, earning his degree in 1992 in English Literature. All the while, Enrique was staying in contact and making new contacts for the relaunch of Nuvein Magazine online. In 1996, Nuvein Magazine made its debut on the web. This was the case up to the Fall of 2004.
During this time, Nuvein Magazine was available online and was also printed in anthology format and was one of the first online literary magazines on the World Wide Web. The writers who were part of Nuvein Magazine came from around the world. The magazine included voices from the community, ranging from entertainment to education.  Enrique made a point of being inclusive, with authors from many backgrounds and experiences – men, women, gay, straight, a vast range of cultural and ethnic diversity. As a Mexican immigrant to the US and a gay man, Enrique had great empathy for marginalized and misunderstood human beings, those considered “outsiders” or “different.”
Enrique was never confined by convention, and often surpassed it in amazing and wonderful ways. This was never more true than with respect to his devotion to the love of his life and husband, Jeffrey Bickel. He and Jeff met in 1986 at KPFK radio in Los Angeles. Jeff was a staff member at KPFK, and Enrique got to know him when they worked together on “IMRU”, an LGBTQ radio magazine. Shortly thereafter, in 1988, he and Jeff made a lifetime commitment to each other. From the beginning, Enrique called Jeff his husband, even though much of the world did not recognize their relationship. Enrique, always a visionary, knew that marriage equality was on the horizon. In 2000, Jeff and Enrique became registered domestic partners and were married on June 21, 2008.
Enrique was a tireless mentor to high school, collegiate, and adult students. His extensive teaching experience includes a 23-year teaching position at Mt San Antonio College. In addition, he taught at United Education Institute, Pasadena City College, El Dorado College, Palladium Technical Acadmemy, and, at his own school, Digital Business and Design College, “DBD”. Enrique and Jeff founded DBD in El Monte as a private, vocational college providing degrees in computer technology. DBD served students and business professionals from the Greater Los Angeles area, and provided a technical education for careers in web design, information technology, networking, and graphic design.
With his educational projects, technical school, and Nuvein magazine so well-received, Enrique was encouraged to organize a non-profit arts organization, the Nuvein Foundation for Literature and the Arts. He believed that the foundation could offer literature and arts programs and performances to young people and adults who lived in the San Gabriel Valley region and in communities throughout Southern California. The goal was to increase exposure to arts and literature for those communities that had been overlooked and underserved. This process began in 2004 through a series of collaborations with local schools, libraries, community centers, and chambers of commerce throughout the San Gabriel Valley. From 2004 to the present, Nuvein has continued to offer arts and cultural programming throughout the communities of the region. In 2007, Nuvein became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, with the help of the community and business leaders from various San Gabriel Valley cities, and established its home in El Monte, California.
Prior to his unexpected passing in March of 2011, Enrique led Nuvein to launch a series of workshops and arts education programs out of  DBD, LA County Libraries, and local recreation centers in the region. His leadership also helped unite and support  groups such as the SGV Cartoonistas, as well as award arts scholarships to students pursuing digital/graphic design, animation, dance and other disciplines. Additionally, he supported the establishment of two of Nuvein’s biggest annual events – Dia de Los Muertos in El Monte and the San Gabriel Valley Comic Book Expo. This as well as countless other arts and cultural events that provided lasting connections between communities and their resident creative individuals.
Forever remembered as “our storyteller”, Enrique is sorely missed by the countless lives he enriched through his mentoring, entrepreneurship, artist collectives, scholarships, fundraising, and leadership in community service.  Despite his loss, Enrique ensured a lasting legacy that is carried on through the members of the Nuvein Foundation and through the important connections that are made to individuals and communities throughout the San Gabriel Valley and beyond as Nuvein’s mission continues on into the future.