SPARC Exhibition @ Leisa Collins Art Studio

SPARC Exhibition @ Leisa Collins Art Studio

March 8 – 29, 2014

South Pasadena Arts Council (SPARC) announces its latest exhibition project taking place from March 8 – 29, 2014 at the Leisa Collins Art Studio, 812 Fremont Ave, #101, South Pasadena California 91030.

Curated by Leisa Collins and Howard Spector, the Opening Reception will take place on Saturday, March 8, from 6-9 pm as part of the South Pasadena Spring Arts Crawl.

Howard Spector is Director of SPARC and Principal of Skyework Consulting. He works with non-profit organizations on program development, planning, and arts education; and with artists on exhibitions and projects.

He received a Master of Fine Arts Degree from the State University of New York at Buffalo; is a professional visual artist and has exhibited his work both nationally and internationally. His work is included in numerous public and private collections and Thistle & Weed Press published his first book of digital images, Dialog Box, a collaboration with poet Jay Brecker, in 2012.

Leisa Collins is a native of Auckland, New Zealand. She embarked on her artistic career in the late 1970′s. At the age of 17 she abandoned the confines of formal art training, opting to learn her craft by traveling across New Zealand and capturing its rugged beauty in her paintings.

She continued her travels around the world and set up a studio in Alexandria, Virginia and became actively involved in the Alexandria community. She served as a commissioner on the Commission for the Arts, formed a community art nexus of active local visual artists, and completed a number of public art projects. She travels extensively, enjoying the freedom of making her living from her art. In 2013 Leisa decided to head west and has now made South Pasadena, California her home.

Fifteen artists in different media were selected for this exhibition. They are: Michael Childs, Brian Cho, Dominique Heffley, Cathy Perlmutter, Paul Grab, Andrea Bogdan, Valerio Ventura, Vanessa Schoth, Carol Dequech, Janet Milhomme, Ashley Nunn, Garey Porter, Cody Patterson, Clare Hebert, and Michiko Ito.

In addition SPARC will host a closing event on Saturday, March 29, from 6-8pm at the Leisa Collins Art Studio

Come out for an evening on the town, enjoy music, food and fun time and stop by to see the exhibition and also artwork by Leisa Collins. Admission to the opening reception is free as part of the Arts Crawl.


La Puente Artwalk FAQ

Take from the offical Facebook page.  Also see, La Puente Artwalk.


City of La Puente Quarterly Artwalk
Old Town La Puente (Along 1st/Main Street) will host Un Poquito Mas Arte-A quarterly Art Walk series uniting local artists, educators, businesses, and community members as they proudly showcase artworks at various establishments across Old Town La Puente.
Un Poquito Mas Arte! (UPMA) Old Town La Puente Artwalk
Booth/Vendor Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get information about how to be a vendor?
There are 3 ways to do this:
(1) You can pick up a physical copy of the guidelines/application at Café CoCo Na Dre

(2) You can email the La Puente Artwalk on Facebook to then be emailed a copy

(3) You can download a copy online at the LP Artwalk FB page or the Nuvein Website

2. How much does it cost to be a vendor? Who do I contact about the booth spaces?
The costs associated with vending at the La Puente Artwalk, as well as the contact people are listed (phone number & email) on the guidelines and application forms and here below:

Artists/Artisans Booth – $25
Business/Corporation Booth – $50
Non-Profit Organizations – $0

Anabel Bello at (emailed scanned applications or inquries only)
Estella Wicker-Nier at or at 562-237-8249
Petra Macias-Nieto at or at 562-706-4305.

3. Where are the booth spaces, how big are the spaces, and when is set up/break down?
Booths/Vendors will be at the Twin Palms Recovery Center in Old Town La Puente, whose address is listed on the guidelines and application forms, as well as set up and break down times. Also in the guidelines/applications forms are the space dimensions.

Set up will begin at 11:00am and vendors must be ready by 12:30pm to anticipate traffic by 1pm. Space dimensions are 10×10 and each vendor must bring their own canopy, tables, and chairs.

4. What amenities and utilities do we have access to?
Booths/Vendors will have access to the first floor bathroom inside the lobby area of the Twin Palms Recovery Center from 12pm to 10pm. Vendors/Booths are expected to provide their own power source for night vending (approx. 8:15pm to 10pm). There is a nearby liquor store for snacks and sundry items, as well as several restaurants nearby.

5. How will booth/vendor spots be assigned or selected?
Booths/Vendors will be asked to arrive at the Twin Palms Lot by 11am, once there Petra, Estella, and Anabel will guide you to your assigned vendor spot.

6. How does the Nuvein Foundation plan to use my vendor space monies?
The Nuvein Foundation is a CA 501(c)3 non-profit arts education and promotion organization that will use monies secured from the selling of vendor space to:
1) fund our 2 annual scholarship awards for aspiring student artists
2) fund further involvement and support of the La Puente Artwalk and related arts programs in the San Gabriel Valley communities and
3) have a reserve portion for future projects related to Nuvein’s charitable mission.


We believe in the power of the community and love creating mutually beneficial relationships with people, non-profits, and companies.  Below is a list of our partners we work with in a variety of ways to further our mission.



Namely individuals/organizations that have funded/sponsored events/programs we have undertaken (also in-kind gifts)
Downtown El Monte Business Association
El Monte/South El Monte Chamber of Commerce
California Community Foundation – El Monte Community Building Initiative
Vons Credit Union – El Monte
Longo Toyota – Penske Motor Group
Southern California Edison
Market Grill – Monrovia (Tracy Ramirez)
Charlie Klinakis, Mayor of La Puente
Bob and Rose Berdin
J&B Burgers
Twin Palms Recovery Center (Craig French)


Namely individuals/organizations that have worked together with us in organizing/developing an event/program (media and volunteers as well)
Old Town Puente Association
RiT Gallery
Twin Palms Recovery Center – La Puente
City of La Puente
East Valley Boys and Girls Club – La Puente
Concerned Citizens of La Puente
Explorers Sheriff Deputy Academy
La Puente HS

City of El Monte
Downtown El Monte Business Association
Cultura y Mas
El Monte Television Ch. 3
Mid Valley News/Mid Valley Radio
Twin Palms Recovery Center – El Monte
SGV Conservation Corps
La Historia Society
El Monte HS AVID students
El Monte HS MeChA students

City of Baldwin Park
Arts & Recreation Center
Grasiela Rodriguez
Jim Lujan

South Pasadena Chamber of Commerce
South Pasadena Arts Council
Fremont Center Theatre

Arcadia Library
ZZyZx WriterZ Group
Emerging Urban Poetry/Pasadena Saturday Afternoon Poetry Group
Whittier Poetry Group
Coffee House Writers Group
SGV Literature Festival
SGV Poetry Festival

LA County Library (multiple branches)
El Monte, Norwood, South El Monte, Baldwin Park, Montebello, La Puente


Namely organizations that we have worked under in an event/program
South El Monte Arts Posse
Downey Arts Coalition
Monrovia Cinco de Mayo Association
Monrovia Latino Heritage Foundation

Meet the Team

Our board is a mosaic of cultures, backgrounds, artistic interests/passions, voices and visions. We aim to provide arts education programs, supports, and resources, encourage emerging and aspiring artists within their community and showcase the rise of arts and culture across the SGV region. Each member of Nuvein is a volunteer and not a single person gets a salary from our fundraising efforts. All money raised goes back into the community through our current projects.

*    Enrique de Jesus Diaz, Late Executive Board President


1.    VACANT, Executive Board President
2.    Miguel Sankitts, Executive Board Vice President / Events
3.    Jeffrey Bickel, Executive Board Treasurer / Events
4.    Roberta Lujan, Sgt-at-Arms
5.    Bryan Coreas, Secretary / Educational Outreach
6.    Lucia Flores, Director
7.    Kimberly Cobian, Director
8.    Christopher Trevilla, Director / Communications and Development
9.    Ryan Storms, Director
10.  Michael Ian Churchman, Director
11.   Maria Estela Diaz, Director
1.    Sean Telles,  Associate Director / Communications and Development
2.    Timo Curtiss, Associate Director/ Arts Programs
3.    Javier Hernandez
4.    Renato Aguirre
5.    Jody Bush
6.    Tina Flores
6.    Lisa Ruiz
7.    Sylvia Lopez
8.    Carlos Aranibar
9.    Ana Bernal
10.  Tracy Ramirez
11.  Roy Anthony Shabla
12.  Adrian Diaz
13.  Tatiana Diaz
14.  Manuel “Manny Lynx”

Nuvein ENCOURAGE Micro Grants

Nuvein ENCOURAGE micro grants for local, positive, inclusive, and meaningful arts projects in the SGV

Download Micro Grant / Arts Project Proposal & Presentation Template.

Past grant winners include: 

  • Arts supplies funding for Family Tree Project for El Monte/Rosemead Adult School (ESL program) in 2013
  • Sponsorship funding for PoetryPalooza 2012 and 2013
  • Promotional and Logistic funding for the La Puente Artwalk in 2012 and 2013
  • Sponsorship funding for Friendly Miss El Monte/South El Monte in 2011


SGV Poetry Festival

The San Gabriel Valley Poetry Festival is a month long celebration of poetry writing workshops, contests, outings, and featured performances that is organized across the San Gabriel Valley by the Emerging Urban Poetry Group of Pasadena that occurs annually in conjunction with NaPoWriMo.

Nuvein contributes to this event as well as National Poetry Month Events with events such as: 

The first San Gabriel Valley Poetry Festival was in 2000, organized by Ryan Oba and Emma Rosenthal, with assistance from moi, Tina Demirdjian, Thom Garzone, and Naomi Weiss. 

The second was in 2010 with assistance from Beth Cheng, Erika Wilk, Mina V. Kirby, Mary Torregrossa, Michelle Angelini (AKA Rina Rose), Bozana Belokosa, Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo, CaLokie (AKA Carl Stilwell), John Chase, Pauline Dutton, Helen Graziano, Deborah P Kolodji, and Maja Trochimczyk.The Festival has been annual ever since.

SGV Comic Book Expo

Update: Recap of 2014 Comic Expo. 

With the surging popularity and rise of comic book cinema in the 2000′s, and the great need for arts exposure in the SGV, the Nuvein Foundation decided to create an opportunity to SHOWCASE this popular and exciting art form. 

 See SGV Comic Expo Facebook page for more information

Below you will find:  FAQs, and the history of the SGV Comic Expo

FAQ for SGV Comic Book Expo
1) How do I secure a space as vendor/exhibitor at this event?
Thank you for your interest in this incredible event. You can download all the forms needed to  be a vendor/exhibitor at this event on our website here .

2) Why so many forms? What are they anyways?
The reason for the multiple forms is that they each serve different purposes that relate to this event.  The application allows us to register for the event, the exhibitor/vendor release allows us to host you at the facility/grounds in partnership with the Baldwin Park Arts & Recreation Center (ARC), and the media release allows us to take photos of you at our event. All forms are necessary for your participation in the event.

3) What does it mean to be an exhibitor at Artist Alley?
An exhibitor at Artist Alley must be a independent comic book or comic book art illustrator, animator, publisher who participates in the exhibition hall known as Artist Alley. It is s specific kind of vendor for the purpose of this event, which is to highlight independent comic book creators across Southern California. Artist Alley Exhibitors are housed inside the Baldwin Park ARC (see map on our website)

4) What is it mean to be a vendor at the Fountain Plaza? A vendor is a artisan, crafts worker, artist, or creative that has specialized items, collectibles, and goods that are comic book culture oriented (eg. Custom shirts, comics, hats, toys, etc). Vendors will be hosted at the adjacent Civic Center Fountain Plaza overlooking the Maine/Pacific Ave intersection near Ramona Blvd.

5) What are the fees for being an exhibitor? vendor?
All fees associated with participation in the event are disclosed on the application form as part of event registration.

6) Is there admission charged to go to this event?
No. The Nuvein Foundation for Literature and the Arts, in partnership with the Baldwin Park ARC, are offering the event free to the general public. This is in line with the charitable mission of both organizations to provide access to arts and culture events to the residents of Baldwin Park and the Greater San Gabriel Valley Region and beyond of Southern California. This event is made possible by the support and sponsorship of the City of Baldwin Park.

7) Where is the Baldwin Park Arts & Recreation Center located?
The Baldwin Park ARC is located at 14403-B Pacific Ave, Baldwin Park, CA. The ARC faces the intersection of Maine Ave and Pacific Ave, less than one block south of Ramona Blvd, and lies north across the street from the Baldwin Park Metrolink Station. Parking is available at the adjacent structure on Bogart Ave.

8) When is the SGV Comic Book Expo?
The 2014 SGV Comic Book Expo is taking place on Saturday, June 28th, 2014 from 11am-5pm.  Stay tuned for future information on the event’s programming and attractions. You can also follow the event on Facebook.
9) What is the SGV Comic Art Exhibition? Is this related to the Expo?
The SGV Comic Art Exhibition is a showcase of local artists with works inspired by comic books, comic book culture, comic book characters.
10) What is the exhibition date for the SGV Comic Art Exhibit?
The 2014 SGV Comic Art Exhibition will run from June 16th opening reception on Friday, June 20th free and open to the general public.

History of San Gabriel Valley Comic Book Expo

Nuvein founder, and president emeritus, the late Enrique Diaz, knew all too well the magic that opportunity, the right people, and the eagerness and excitement of the youth could create around the SGV. This as well as discovering a wealth of local independent comic book creators, illustrators, animators, and promoting the formation of the SGV Cartoonistas by SGV natives Javier Hernandez, Jim Lujan, Grasiela Rodriguez, Raul Aguirre Jr., and others only led him to considering and creating the Nuvein Foundations’ “SGV Comic Book Festival”.

The initial 2008 edition took place at the Cuban Club in El Monte, a long time partner venue of Nuvein, on April 6, 2008. The SGV Comic Book Festival was a successful event where local youth, fans, and aspiring artists alike met with independent comic book creators, animators, illustrators, and the SGV Cartoonistas. The event featured workshops and live art.

The follow up edition of the SGV Comic Book Festival took place Saturday, October 10, 2009. The event moved location to the Monrovia Library, as part of the Monrovia Fine Arts Association “Celebrate the Arts” event.The event featured independent comic book creators, animators, illustrators, and the SGV Cartoonistas.

In 2010, the Comic Book Festival was once again held at the Cuban Club in El Monte on September 19th. The event featured independent comic book creators, animators, illustrators, and the SGV Cartoonistas.

After a 3 year hold, the Nuvein Foundation relaunched this event in Baldwin Park in the Summer of 2013 as the SGV Comic Book Expo, an event that featured a curated comic book art themed gallery, animation festival, as well as workshops and vending from indie comic book creators from around Southern California. The event unfolded at the Baldwin Park ARC.

For information on the 2014 SGV Comic Expo see visit Facebook

—Learn about what else Nuvein does —

La Puente Artwalk

La Punete Artwalk on official Facebook page.  Also see Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. 

–Next La Puente Art Walks are June 21st & Sept 20th–

The Nuvein Foundation, in cooperation with Local business, city government, community organizations, and involved residents have helped create a quarterly event called Un Poquito Mas Arte (UPMA!), an artwalk along Glendora Ave., 1st Street, 2nd Street, and Main Street in Old Town La Puente.

UPMA! or the La Puente Artwalk features various galleries, musical performances, poetry and spoken word open mic, booth vendors and artisans, and many other community activities.

Partners in developing and/or promoting this event include:
La Puente City Hall
Hacienda-La Puente Unified School District
Old Town Business Association
Twin Palms Recovery Center
East Valley Boys and Girls Club
La Puente Branch of LA County Library
La Puente Senior Center
Trunk Trends Fashions
El Manantial Nutrition Center
Reaching Individual Transformation (RIT) Center
Cafe Coco Na Dre
Lumar’s Zumba Fitness
Main Line Custom Graphics and Tattoos
Blazin’ PC Repair
Francisco’s Halloween Shop & Banquet Hall
Scrapbook Cafe
J&A Formal Wear
Rocket Roasters Coffee Company
Vinyl Saurs Records
Arte Cabalturo Studio Gallery.

For more details stay tuned to official Facebook page.

Dia de Los Muertos – El Monte

The event is taking place Saturday, October 18, 2014 from 1pm to 7pm at the Valley Mall in El Monte, California. READ THE FAQ for answers to your questions. Sponsored and supported by  Downtown El Monte Business Association (DEMBA), City of El Monte Cultural Commission, and El Monte – South El Monte Chamber of Commerce. (Add event on Facebook.)

Click to download forms:
Dia de Los Muertos DDLM2014 Vendor Participant PDF
See Nuvein Terms of Participation

Click to read FAQ

Click to read FAQ

Centered in the community of El Monte, the Nuvein Foundation works towards celebrating the art, culture, and traditions of the diverse communities that make up the San Gabriel Valley. One way Nuvein celebrates the Mexican cultural traditions is by offering up an annual Dia de los Muertos event in Downtown El Monte at the Valley Mall.

The event features traditional Mexican arts and crafts vendors and merchants in an outdoor mercado, a Rincon de Poesia/Poet’s Corner where writers and poets share tales and poems about life and death and remembrance, a curated art gallery, as well as  a live performance stage featuring Aztec Danza, Mariachi music, Ballet Folklorico, and other performance art.

We at Nuvein look forward to continuing offering El Monte an annual Dia de Los Muertos event each year.

Day of the Dead El Monte














Dia de los Muertos El Monte Valley Mall

GaleriaSm Postcard