Anabel Bello

Anabel is a proud Mexican-American woman whose family hails from Guerrero, Mexico and now live together in La Puente, CA. As a child and youth, her family laid roots in El Monte, where she was completed her formative years with El Monte City School District and El Monte Union High School District. A graduate from El Monte High School, she was a participant in the Puente project with Rio Hondo Community College where she was guided in her efforts towards eventually transferring and graduating from California State University – Irvine. She is the first of her family to graduate from a four year university, and serves on the Puente Project at Rio Hondo College now to help others like herself reach their goals and dreams.

Anabel’s dedication to serving  youth aspiring to higher education is rooted in her own experience as a naturalized immigrant, Mexican-American woman, and current social services professional. She is an adamant believer in the power of education and access to any all tools for self-enhancement. Artistically, her preferred medium of art is literary arts, where she enjoys many forms of fiction and non-fiction alike. Anabel is also a firm believer in the importance of communities celebrating and maintaining their culture alive in positive and meaningful ways. Anabel’s vision for Nuvein is to have the foundation do more to empower young student artists of all backgrounds, cultures, and circumstances through art scholarships, workshops, and other programs.

The accomplishment that most fills Anabel with pride is that she has been able to work with student volunteers and has served as co-host of large Nuvein events, admittedly a bit nervous but ultimately elated and proud of her performance, most notably at the Dia de Los Muertos in El Monte event.

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