Nuvein Foundation for the Literature and Arts is a non-profit that works to connect the communities of the San Gabriel Valley to and through the arts in all its forms. Each member of Nuvein is a volunteer and not a single person gets a salary from our fundraising efforts. All money raised goes back into the community through our current projects.

To learn more about Nuvein you can also see our 2013 year in review, or 2014 year in review, or read about our Directors and Advisory Board.

Nuvein Brochure

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We are committed to connecting communities to the arts. Nuvein Foundation’s mission is to raise funds for scholarships for students pursuing a career in the arts and to support those already in the arts. Nuvein is also committed to showcasing the arts through community arts presentations, live performances, and educational programs.

To carry out its mission, Nuvein has been building an arts infrastructure beginning in the San Gabriel Valley, where it has established online radio and tv outlets, an e-book online store, an online magazine, as well as a network of partner organizations, private and public. Nuvein Foundation Committees carry out the day to day tasks required in this endeavor.

Nuvein began as a dream of founder Enrique Diaz. In 1982, as a sailor on the USS New Jersey (BB-62), following that auspicious beginning, Enrique continued gathering stories and sporadically printing them until 1996, when the possibilities of the Web were realized. He dedicated Nuvein to voices rarely heard in a world increasingly devoid of diversity. In 2007, Nuvein became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, with the help of the community and business leaders from various San Gabriel Valley cities, and established its home in El Monte CA.

— “Nuvein’s mission is to dedicate itself to voices rarely heard in a world increasingly devoid of diversity” – Enrique Diaz, Executive Board, Director Emeritus —